Elon Musk – The Revolutionary Man

Elon Musk is a man who made this world a better place. He began his journey from a company now known as PayPal. He develops the company and made a fortune by selling the company that paid off really well. But this was not good enough for him. He wanted to do better and so he began to develop a new type of car company that was more centered towards energy efficiency and eco-friendly environment. This led to a new company known as Tesla Motors which is now a bigger brand than any other electric car company in the world. Elon Musk also developed interest in aerospace technology and so he tried to make a new company called SpaceX which could send rockets into space and bring them back without collateral damage.

All of these big companies are the bright side of the story. The reality is that all these companies had a toll on the man who struggled through difficult times. Elon firstly worked day and night to make the banking company PayPal. This gave him quite enough money to live his life. But he decided to invest in new technologies and so he decided to launch two new companies. A car and a rocket company. Elon tried to buy pre made rockets from Russia but failed due to high prices of the Russian. The Russians also made fun of him. Then Elon came back and tried making his own rockets and after failing several times; he finally succeeded and his hard work paid off. He not only proved people wrong who called him crazy; but also created a brand which is amongst the biggest companies in the world.

Roadster in Space

Tesla broke the record by sending the first electric vehicle (Tesla Roadster) into the space. This shows how crazy and carefree Elon Musk is. The entire world now believes that this man is actually a revolutionary. Tesla has now revealed a new model of Roadster with the highest mileage of 500 miles in one charge. Even though the model has not been released to the public, people are ordering there Roadster. The same case is with the Tesla Cyber Truck which shocked the entire world with a “fail” demo. The pre-order list went from 0 to 150,000 orders within a week. Because people believe him now. They know that this guy can deliver what he says.

CyberTruck by Tesla
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Azad Chaiwala Multi-Millionaire Businessman

Multi-millionaire Businessman? Yes! Today we are going to share the success story of Multi-millionaire Businessman Mr. Azad chaiwala. Azad Chaiwala is our First Millionaire we are writing about Because of The Founder of MillionaireBusinessmen.com Engr. Rizwan Bhatti is the biggest fan of him and started this Initiative after greatly inspired form his Millionaire Making Program.

Multi-millionaire Businessman
Azad Chaiwala (Multi-millionaire Businessman)

Azad chai wala Started his journey at the age of 12 years by selling Toffee in his village_town in Mir Pur Azad Kashmir with only 53 Rupees Pakistani. In the start, He faced multiple difficulties and Family Criticism. As his father came back from a foreign country and told him, “It’s your age of learning and Schooling not a business”. At that time, he handed over about 2200 Rupees and with about 700 stock to his mother. Then at the age of 14years, he went to UK and Started Hawking business there. During the age, of 14 to 21 years, he was involved in multiple businesses like shopkeeping, Home delivery services, Furniture, and related local businesses.

How he Became the Millionaire? Which Industry he selected?

He selected to jump into Information and Technology during his visit to UK. He Also tries to Start his Freelancing Business with a domain (Besimple.com) and his debt application was rejected by the David by saying, “.com extension here in UK is Only Used by Companies not Individual”. But he started working as a virtual assistant and continue his journey in Gaming Industry.

At the age of 21 Years, His First Gaming Product proved very successful. Due to which, he became the $millionaire.

Where Mr. Millionaire Established his First Studio?

In between the Age of 21 to 22 years, he went to Romania and Establish his first headquarter and Studio there.

Why he Came to Pakistan Back?

After earning a lot of money he Came to Pakistan Back to Make Millionaire Business in Pakistan and to demolish the Mind_Stuffing Degrees and Education system and to transform people mind towards Entrepreneurship.

Key points in this Millionaire Businessman’s Story:

  • First Success Full Website = FreeOnlineGames.com (2Billion Public Reach)
  • The Best Game with 3 Billion Playing record = DartBike
  • Co_Founder of more than a Dozen Gaming studios
  • A huge number of Real Estate Property Assets in the UK and Other countries
  • Owning Domains of Million Dollars (More than 15K domains)
  • working on (“Gomary.com” and “Secondmarriage.com” )
  • More than 1,000 Media Outlooks interviews all around the world.
  • Title Owned from King.com after “Candy Crush Game” “THE PAKISTANI GAMING MAFIA”


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