Steve Jobs – The Inventor


It’s almost a decade since the death of Steve Jobs yet his work is rated top in the world. He was a man with a vision in which he invested his whole life. He pushed people to do better than anyone else in the world. The only barrier between his work and vision was time. He always had less time to prove his point and this took him decades to change the world. People don’t trust what they can’t see. This was a major issue as to what Steve faced was the time of the products. He was way ahead of his time and this was an issue. He offered the world with such things that they didn’t understand. The world accepted the change and moved towards him. Changes made by him are still at the top and everyone accepts them. Steve made a path on which the world followed.

Steve Jobs Success Story
Steve Jobs

Company’s Foundation

Steve Jobs was legendary and thought like a genius. He first started his company with his friend Steve Wozniak in a garage. He started building computers with his partner and then led to a successful company. Along this path, he faced several difficulties which proved his worth. All his life was not that much easy. His own company members forced him to leave his own company. He was losing money in the market due to the competitors low pricing. The success story of Steve took a long time. But in the end, all that effort paid off in the end.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in Garage
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Apple Inc is now the world’s biggest tech company. But it would not have been here without Steve. He had a little problem with the company board members. The board members soon realized that Steve was right when Apple was going downhill. Steve left Apple and made his own company called the NeXT which had the famous user interface that all love now in the Macintosh software. Apple bought the NeXT company and merged the software interface with their hardware.

Steve Jobs wearing NeXT Turtleneck
Steve Jobs at NeXT Inc

Innovative Products by Steve Jobs

After years of polishing and development, Apple launched its first mobile device (iPhone) with a multi-touch display and interface with software support. Then with more advancements and with partnership they launched many new products which changed the world. The iPad became the world’s best tablet. The most surprising moment was when MacBook Air was revealed. It was Steve who presented all these products on stage.

Apple’s Tribute to Steve Jobs

Today Apple Inc is a Trillion Dollar company all thanks to decisions made by Steve. Steve gave the company the face that would shine for the years to come. Apple Inc holds Steve in very high regards as they have made a new theater named after him called the Steve Jobs Theater. This is designed like a floating disk without any pillars in the Apple Theme Park.

Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park
Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park

A famous quote by Steve Jobs showing that the most precious thing is time.

“Well, my favorite things in life are books, sushi and… My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. As it is, I pay a price by not having much of a personal life. I don’t have the time to pursue love affairs or to tour small towns in Italy and sit in cafés and eat tomato-and-mozzarella salad.”

The story of Steve Jobs is similar to Elon Musk which you can read at our site. Check out more stories on our site.

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Azad Chaiwala Multi-Millionaire Businessman

Multi-millionaire Businessman? Yes! Today we are going to share the success story of Multi-millionaire Businessman Mr. Azad chaiwala. Azad Chaiwala is our First Millionaire we are writing about Because of The Founder of Engr. Rizwan Bhatti is the biggest fan of him and started this Initiative after greatly inspired form his Millionaire Making Program.

Multi-millionaire Businessman
Azad Chaiwala (Multi-millionaire Businessman)

Azad chai wala Started his journey at the age of 12 years by selling Toffee in his village_town in Mir Pur Azad Kashmir with only 53 Rupees Pakistani. In the start, He faced multiple difficulties and Family Criticism. As his father came back from a foreign country and told him, “It’s your age of learning and Schooling not a business”. At that time, he handed over about 2200 Rupees and with about 700 stock to his mother. Then at the age of 14years, he went to UK and Started Hawking business there. During the age, of 14 to 21 years, he was involved in multiple businesses like shopkeeping, Home delivery services, Furniture, and related local businesses.

How he Became the Millionaire? Which Industry he selected?

He selected to jump into Information and Technology during his visit to UK. He Also tries to Start his Freelancing Business with a domain ( and his debt application was rejected by the David by saying, “.com extension here in UK is Only Used by Companies not Individual”. But he started working as a virtual assistant and continue his journey in Gaming Industry.

At the age of 21 Years, His First Gaming Product proved very successful. Due to which, he became the $millionaire.

Where Mr. Millionaire Established his First Studio?

In between the Age of 21 to 22 years, he went to Romania and Establish his first headquarter and Studio there.

Why he Came to Pakistan Back?

After earning a lot of money he Came to Pakistan Back to Make Millionaire Business in Pakistan and to demolish the Mind_Stuffing Degrees and Education system and to transform people mind towards Entrepreneurship.

Key points in this Millionaire Businessman’s Story:

  • First Success Full Website = (2Billion Public Reach)
  • The Best Game with 3 Billion Playing record = DartBike
  • Co_Founder of more than a Dozen Gaming studios
  • A huge number of Real Estate Property Assets in the UK and Other countries
  • Owning Domains of Million Dollars (More than 15K domains)
  • working on (“” and “” )
  • More than 1,000 Media Outlooks interviews all around the world.
  • Title Owned from after “Candy Crush Game” “THE PAKISTANI GAMING MAFIA”


This Content is the Property of “Mr. Azad Chaiwala” Collection from his Official website and You tube Videos

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