Tariq Aziz was a Celebrity on television. He was lived in Garden Town Lahore. His father Name was Mian Abdul Aziz. He was born on 28 April 1936, Jalandhar, India and His Arain family, now Punjab, India. He was died in 17 june 2020. He was the first face to appear on television in Pakistan.
Tariq Aziz was a pakistani television host, film actor, known for PTV’s quiz show Neelam Ghar, first aired in 1974, later renamed the Tariq Aziz Show and lately as Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz.
His Nationality was Pakistani, and His Occupation TV host, Film actor and His years active was 1964 to 17 June 2020. He also got the Awards Pride of Performance.


Tariq Aziz

He Completed his early Education in Jalandhar and in 1947 migrated to the then Montgomery now Sahiwal, Pakistan. He graduated from the Government College Sahiwal.


Tariq Aziz had moved to Lahore to start his career in Radio Pakistan. When Pakistan Television (PTV) started its initial broadcasts in November 1964 from Lahore.
Tariq Aziz was the first person to be seen on it, and He became the first male announcer on PTV.


He was one of the first TV hosts to achieve commercial success using his quiz show Neelam Ghar platform, which later renamed Tariq Aziz Show and Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz. In his shows, he interviewed many notable intellectuals, sports personalities and celebrities.
He appeared as a guest on the game show, and answered all the questions on the game show Inam Ghar in Pakistan, becoming the first person to do this. He did this without any help from the participants. He then presented the awards to an organization that works for the welfare of the people.


Tariq Aziz starred in 1967 Pakistani film, “Insaniyat” with actor Waheed Murad and actress Zeba. Tariq Aziz also acted in another Pakistani film, “Haar Gaya Insan.” He appeared in a number of television programs and morning shows.
He is also Organised telethons for Charity purposes. Tariq Aziz also acted in a number of Pakistani films in the late 1960s and 1970s in side-roles.
His movies Name was, “Zindgi” and “Salgirah” etc. One of His movie In 1969, “Salgirah” movie which was a highly Successful musical movie and Tariq Aziz was win two Nigar Awards for that year.


Tariq Aziz was active in student politics during his college days and joined Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples Party in 1970. At the time, Tariq Aziz was known as the “Firebrand Socialist” who was known for charging the crowd with Bhutto’s rallies with revolutionary slogans.
However, later he parted his ways with that party and returned to the entertainment world. In 1996, Tariq Aziz joined the PML-N and was elected a member of the Pakistan National Assembly from Lahore.
He was a political activist accused of attacking the Supreme Court of Pakistan building in 1997.
During Pervez Musharraf’s Presidency, he joined his Political party Pakistan Muslim League (Q). However, he Could not attain any Status of note in that party and was Side lined.
Once again, he returned to the world of entertainment, but this time after 2002, his career in the entertainment industry did not reach the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s due to the fierce competition from many TV channels in Pakistan.
Tariq Aziz was a philanthropist, book lover and used to recite poetry. In 2018, a major English-language Pakistani newspaper reported on him, “He (Tariq Aziz) shared that is having children or no children is God’s will and since he has no children of his own.
That is why he wants to give all his earnings for the welfare of his country. Tariq Aziz has won the hearts of many by announcing his will, and He Surely is a role model for all of us.


Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1992 for his Services to the Nation.


Tariq Aziz was a poet of Punjabi language and writer. His books include :

  • Hamzad Da Dukh : Poetry in Punjabi language.
  • Iqbal Shanasi : To know Iqbal.
  • Hazar Dastaan : His Collection of Urdu newspaper columns.
  • Footpath sy parliament tak : Book written by Tariq Aziz.


He died on 17 June 2020 in Lahore. Before he die his age was 84 years old. He was admitted to a Private Hospital on the night of 16 June 2020 after the feeling ill.

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